Alyson Bowen

Cheryl on FujiFilm FP100c

Here are a handful of multiple exposures on Fujifilm fp100c created with the Polaroid landcamera 250. The first image was a collaboration between myself and Bryon Phillips of the lovely Cheryl. Bryon and I met when I was working in the photolab at Camera World in downtown Portland back in 2015. I was impressed with his multiple exposures on 35mm especially since they were such a challenge for me as a scanner; making sure I was lining up frames in the manner in which he intended. We later collaborated on a couple rolls of 35mm slide film where he would shoot portraits and I shot elements. This lead to us creating images with Cheryl. 

The remaining images were spontaneous as I began exploring multiple images on instant film even further. It’s one of those moments when you wish you would have shot more but are incredibly happy with what you got. 

FujiFilm is no longer making the instant fp100c film. I have a few boxes left and right now they feel like gold. I don’t know what purpose they will serve but I am excited to find out. I have a feeling I’ll stick with some sort of multiple exposure last hurrah. 

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