Alyson Bowen

Introducing Borderline Press

Hi friends.

I have some exciting news to share. My love for printing, curating, and artist collaboration has lead me to start my own small press publishing endeavor. While this has been on my goal list for a long time, this past year allowed me the mental space to reevaluate those dreams to create this reality.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me arrive here through words of encouragement, supportive labor, and by simply sharing art with one another, in all its glorious forms.

A very big thank you to the incredibly talented Meggyn Pomerleau for the branding work!!! Seriously! If you are looking for design work, check her out. She is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Follow Borderline Press for updates, collaborative opportunities, and to watch us grow.

Western Daydreams II

Western Daydreams colliding on Kodak Ektachrome e100 - 35mm Cross Processed film.

I have been slowly creating and collecting initial exposures on Kodak’s e100 film over the past couple of years, focusing on texture, pattern, and color. While Covid restrictions really put a damper on the accessibility of portrait sessions to create the secondary exposures, I was able to coordinate a safe, distanced session with a dear friend last Fall. This is the second attempt at creating these wonderfully, haphazard moments on film. Stay tuned…

model: Briti

camera: Nikon N75

Portland, Oregon

Six Feet - Admired From a Distance

Just as the city was starting to unfold and come to life, shedding its winter weight, we were forced indoors. I was personally struggling to catch my breath after a heavy case of seasonal depression only to feel the relief I had been hoping for was no longer promised to me and in fact was put on display only to be admired from a distance.
- reflection on 2020 for Six Feet

Much of the imagery I created throughout the last year has yet to surface here. My backlog is typically quite delayed as part of my process is to spend an undefined period of time with my images to explore their ultimate executions. The year 2020 felt different as so much of what I was making was in direct response to forced solitude amidst a global pandemic. Engulfed by uncertainty and fear I channeled my anxiety into my work in hopes to help further clarify my thoughts and feelings. 

I have a handful of ongoing projects at this point that I am still finding a balance with. You can expect a few printed works to release this year as well as a much needed website update. 

Wishing you all health and happiness in your journeys. 

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