Alyson Bowen

Western Daydreams

Western Daydreams colliding on Kodak Ektachrome e100 - 35mm Cross Processed film.
Kodak Alaris recently rereleased their Ektachrome film as E100. I decided to run a roll through my camera with the intention of double exposing portraits over details of nature, focusing on texture and pattern. The original plan was to process it as E-6, as the film was intended to be processed. My curiosity got the best of me and I decided to run it through as C-41 film. I am really enjoying the color shifts of this cross process. This exploration is something I will likely continue. Stay tuned…

Models: Ramona and Brandon

Camera: Nikon N75

Oceanside, Oregon. May, 2019.

Black Box Gallery - Portland, Oregon

My image titled Non Migratory Patterns was accepted into the On-line Annex Exhibition at Black Box Gallery. The call for entries was Field Work: Landscape and Architecture, which has been a large part of my concentration since moving west. My fascination with the land structure and life here has been fueling much of my creative processes. This image in particular was taken on a point and shoot 35mm camera that I have since gifted to a pen pal after their similar camera bit the dust. A coworker originally gifted it to me and I wanted to pass the kind gesture on. 

The image has a softness to it that is challenged by a crisp repetitive focus on texture. Both the soft focus and the color palette contribute to an ethereal feel. In the moment, I felt just like that bird, staring out over this vast landscape as if the possibilities it encompassed would swallow me whole. 

Follow the link to view the exhibit in its entirety.

Juried by: Todd Johnson

On-line Annex Exhibition

Humble Arts Foundation - Group Show 60: Winter Pictures

I grew up in the land of sunshine, warm-blooded and barefooted. We only had one real season and it rarely invited long sleeves. As a kid I would dream of sitting by fireplaces in warm fuzzy sweaters like they do in the movies. In reality I could hardly stand to enjoy a bonfire any night of the year without suffering from heat exhaustion. Now, decades later, I find myself in awe of seasonal shifts as I eagerly attempt to capture the parts that pull strongest at those childhood longings. I stand outside and let my lungs fill to their deepest depths with the coldest air I have ever tasted. I exhale only to do it all over again.

One of my images was included in Group Show 60: Winter Pictures through the Humble Arts Foundation in NYC. This is a wonderful collection of imagery depicting winter in its many forms. Please take a moment to appreciate the work of the numerous photographers. 

curated by Andy Adams and Jon Feinstein

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