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  • Western Daydreams

    Western Daydreams colliding on Kodak Ektachrome e100 - 35mm Cross Processed film.

    Kodak Alaris recently rereleased their Ektachrome film as E100. I decided to run a roll through my camera with the intention of double exposing portraits over details of nature, focusing on texture and pattern. The original plan was to process it as E-6, as the film was intended to be processed. My curiosity got the best of me and I decided to run it through as C-41 film. I am really enjoying the color shifts of this cross process. This exploration is something I will likely continue. Stay tuned...

    Models: Ramona and Brandon

    Camera: Nikon N75

    Oceanside, Oregon. May, 2019.

  • Film Exchange

    The following images are my personal favorites from a multiple exposure film swap between myself and my pal Mike. He focused on organic shapes and textures while I focused on inorganic objects and space. I shot my frames in Las Vegas, over his frames exposed in Oregon. It turned out that the cameras we chose to use loaded the film opposite from one another. As a result my images exposed upside down on top of his. It was a fun experiment to share with a friend and I am looking forward to many more attempts in the coming year.

    All images created on 35mm Ilford HP5. July 2017.