• Humble Arts Foundation - Group Show 60: Winter Pictures

    I grew up in the land of sunshine, warm-blooded and barefooted. We only had one real season and it rarely invited long sleeves. As a kid I would dream of sitting by fireplaces in warm fuzzy sweaters like they do in the movies. In reality I could hardly stand to enjoy a bonfire any night of the year without suffering from heat exhaustion. Now, decades later, I find myself in awe of seasonal shifts as I eagerly attempt to capture the parts that pull strongest at those childhood longings. I stand outside and let my lungs fill to their deepest depths with the coldest air I have ever tasted. I exhale only to do it all over again.

    One of my images was included in Group Show 60: Winter Pictures through the Humble Arts Foundation in NYC. This is a wonderful collection of imagery depicting winter in its many forms. Please take a moment to appreciate the work of the numerous photographers. 

    curated by Andy Adams and Jon Feinstein

  • Somerville Toy Camera Festival 2018

    This beauty traveled all the way to the Somerville Toy Camera Festival to be displayed at the Brickbottom Gallery from Sept 6 – Oct 13, 2018. I would like to thank juror Jennifer Shaw for including my work in this exhibition and the folks at Brickbottom Gallery for being such hospitable hosts. 
    This piece, titled Northwest Merge, is from a new double exposure series I have been working on with my Holga. This simple camera has been a wonderful part of my creative process lately and I look forward to sharing the images with you all soon. Stay tuned.

    If you want to know more about the annual festival click here

  • The Plastic Fantastic Show IX

    I have the pleasure of being included in the Plastic Fantastic Show IX at Lightbox Photographic Gallery in Astoria, Oregon. The exhibition will be up through July 10th. If you are able to make it out that way, please make sure you stop in and view all of the beautiful, hand-crafted imagery. I feel honored to have been selected by curator Susan Burnstine. The image chosen is one of my all time favorites created with the Holga 120N. It is a triple exposure on color film from my adventure up Dog Mountain in the spring of 2017; my first true wild flower experience in the Northwest. 

    You may view an online gallery of the selected images here

    A very big thank you goes to Susan and the team at Lightbox for hosting such a wonderful collection.

  • Film Exchange

    The following images are my personal favorites from a multiple exposure film swap between myself and my pal Mike. He focused on organic shapes and textures while I focused on inorganic objects and space. I shot my frames in Las Vegas, over his frames exposed in Oregon. It turned out that the cameras we chose to use loaded the film opposite from one another. As a result my images exposed upside down on top of his. It was a fun experiment to share with a friend and I am looking forward to many more attempts in the coming year.

    All images created on 35mm Ilford HP5. July 2017. 

  • Cheryl on FujiFilm FP100c

    Here are a handful of multiple exposures on Fujifilm fp100c created with the Polaroid landcamera 250. The first image was a collaboration between myself and Bryon Phillips of the lovely Cheryl. Bryon and I met when I was working in the photolab at Camera World in downtown Portland back in 2015. I was impressed with his multiple exposures on 35mm especially since they were such a challenge for me as a scanner; making sure I was lining up frames in the manner in which he intended. We later collaborated on a couple rolls of 35mm slide film where he would shoot portraits and I shot elements. This lead to us creating images with Cheryl. 

    The remaining images were spontaneous as I began exploring multiple images on instant film even further. It's one of those moments when you wish you would have shot more but are incredibly happy with what you got. 

    FujiFilm is no longer making the instant fp100c film. I have a few boxes left and right now they feel like gold. I don't know what purpose they will serve but I am excited to find out. I have a feeling I'll stick with some sort of multiple exposure last hurrah. 

  • FotoFilmic//PULP 03 Print Showcase

    One of my instax images was selected to participate in a group exhibition on Bowen Island in B.C. this past December. Being included in this showcase was the perfect way to end the year; a great jumping-off point for 2017. While I was unable to attend the gallery opening, I am extremely grateful for the exposure and inclusion.

    I submitted 5 different Instax scans to this call for entries. When submitting to contests I try to include at least one image that I am extremely attached to regardless whether or not someone has validated its strengths. The particular image in this case happened to be titled "Day One" and it depicted a menstrual shower scene. It is a part of the project where I attempted to create an instax image every day back in 2014. I went through countless boxes of film and 3 different Instax Wide 210 cameras before calling it quits after nearly 8 months.

    Documenting my menstrual cycle is a part of my process of honoring my body and the change it experiences on a monthly basis. I hold these images very dear to my heart and sharing them brings me great joy. I hope others find them as honestly beautiful as I do. In a society where we are constantly persuaded to hide our menstrual cycle through the use of 'compact' tampons and scented feminine products, I want my images to feel raw enough to contribute to the normalization of alternative menstrual habits.

    In addition, I was notified of my image being selected on the exact day that President-elect Donald Trump was confirmed to be the next president of the United States. This warmed my heart that on a day where I was feeling physical pain for the future of our country, I was awarded a small victory for tolerance. I want people everywhere to feel comfortable and confident in discussing their menstrual experiences and the options that exist. 

    All images provided by FotoFilmic// PULP Gallery

  • Bed of Roses - UCF Graduation Exhibition 2014

    We did it! My museum and gallery practices course successfully put together our very own exhibition highlighting our senior thesis work. We are ‘Bed of Roses’. It was a challenging semester as we had to raise the funds and completely support an opening reception. 'Bed of Roses’ consists of 11 artists from the University of Central Florida. I am so proud of this group of women and all we have accomplished together. 

  • Growth - A Solo Exhibition - Gallery 202 at UCF Spring 2014

    Reflection has always played a large part in my mental habits and tendencies. Today I find myself looking back to this time last year when I installed my first solo exhibition highlighting my Growth series. I could not have done it without the assistance of my wonderful colleagues, who just happen to be some of my closest friends. After having the hard drive fail that contained the show's visual documentation, the photos from the days leading up to it are all that remains.